Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tambourines and troublesome trousers

Today the little learners had a jolly good go at practising their listening skills when they came together on the carpet for a focused activity. Little learners at this stage of their development need lots and lots of practice when it comes to listening. They are already champions at raising their hand to speak when they are part of a whole group activity, they just haven't quite mastered the art of waiting for their turn to do so. Consequently, there is a magnificent show of eager raised hands, but it is accompanied by a deafening din of shouting out! It is therefore essential that the Sunnyside team provide plenty of opportunities for the little learners to improve their ability to listen, not only to the grown ups in the setting, but also to each other.
The activity today to help the little learners perfect this important skill, involved them playing a sound lotto game. Mrs Very Jolly hid behind a screen and shook, banged and jingled percussion instruments, (not all at once) then the little learners had to match the sound with the corresponding picture card in front of them. The little learners thoroughly enjoyed this game (almost as much as Mrs Very Jolly) and many of them continued with it during their independent play which followed this activity. 

Take it away Mrs Very Jolly

One of the biggest concerns for parents and carers when their little ones begin school for the first time, is the business of the toilet! The usual worries are, who will help if they get into difficulty? And can they go when ever they want to? Some little learners have their own concerns about using the toilets in school and will sometimes do anything to avoid using them. Love them or hate them, the grown ups in the setting are always there to support and assist. 
Today, a little learner was spotted by Mrs Crayon walking back into the classroom looking very put out. When she inquired if he was alright,he took a deep breath and said. "Well.... One, I've been for a wee. Two, I can't do my zip up. Three, I can't do my button up. Four, I'm fed up with my trousers!"
Well who wouldn't be in that situation. Well done to that little learner for telling it like it is!!!

Oh, for an elasticated waistband!


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