Monday, 24 September 2012

Gingerbread and pears

"Gather Up A Box Of Pears." This can only be a line from a harvest song.
Yes! Harvest has come to Sunnyside School. This week there will be lots of harvest inspired activities for the little learners to enjoy. The week will end with an afternoon of tea and cake and a harvest sing along for the parents and carers. However, afternoon tea and cakes do not get made by themselves. So, the little learners will be sieving, mixing, stirring, icing and baking all week to make cakes for the tea party on Friday. During these baking activities the team will be introducing mathematical concepts such as weight, measure and quantity when they are talking to the little learners. They will also draw their  attention to the initial sounds of the equipment and the ingredients they are using and relating them to the sounds they have already learnt. The focus story this week is "The Gingerbread Man", so the team and the little learners will be looking at and talking about the story in detail. A great deal of learning can be gained from cooking activities and what's more, cooking with little learners is such fun!
Today Mrs Caring and Mrs Crayon made gingerbread men with the little learners. Actually that's not strictly true. Their gingerbread men were in fact ginger free. So, they were ginger less men! The ginger less men came out of the oven more or less in tact, but it's just as well they didn't  have the desire to run away because some of them came out of the oven with shrivelled legs and worse still, some came out with legs completely missing! Oh well, the team are confident this will not affect their taste. They will still be yummy!   

Run, run as fast as you can,
You can't catch me I'm the Ginger less man!

"Gather up a box of pears" is one of the harvest songs the little learners will be singing for the parents and carers on Friday. They have learnt the song very quickly and sing it beautifully. However, instead of singing "gather up a box of wheat" on the last verse, the little learners sing "gather up a box of weeds." The team love the little learners version and find themselves "gathering up weeds" too!   

What shall we do with them now?

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