Monday, 17 September 2012

Tall dads and baby pigs

The Sunnyside team are never more happy than when they are engaging in conversation with the little learners in the class.

One of the activities today (with the focus on discussion) involved the little learners drawing the people (and/or animals) who share their home.
The little learners were given an outline drawing of a house, with windows in which they could draw the members of their family. Working in small groups and alongside a grown up, the little learners were encouraged to talk about their home and family as they drew.
Mrs Caring enjoyed a wonderful and very informative conversation with a little learner in her group. He told her that his Daddy was "Very, very, very tall and very, very, very old." When Mrs Caring asked exactly how old his Daddy was, the little learner said, "Twenty." He went on to describe his Daddy as having,"Long, long arms, long, long legs and great big hands." The Reception team will definitely recognise this particular Daddy when they see him!

Mrs Organised had an equally fascinating conversation with a little learner, who wanted to tell her all about his pets. He began by telling her that he had a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a guinea pig and a polar bear, although the polar bear sadly "died a hundred years ago." Just when Mrs Organised thought that was the sum total of the little learners pets, he added the following. "A baby giraffe, an elephant, chicks, frogs, camels, cockroaches, lots and lots of cockroaches, gooses, squirrels, ants, baby pigs, lions, tigers, snakes, a parrot, a leopard, a wolf, foxes, and a hedgehog."
"Goodness me!" remarked Mrs Organised. "How do you manage to fit all those animals in your house?"
"No! no! no!" exclaimed the little learner, as if Mrs Organised had asked the most daft question ever. "I live in an animal centre."
He went on to tell her that he drives an animal train and takes all his pets including the dead polar bear, (which is in a cage and tied to the back of the train) on mini trips around Whippy Cove.
Where else other than in a Reception class would you hear such a magnificent and imaginative story? Unless of course it's not a story and it's all true!!!
He doesn't do much!


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