Monday, 10 September 2012

First Day (for parents and carers)

 *** FIRST DAY ***

As you wave goodbye to your little one,
you can't believe this day has come.
They're only four they're much too small,
it can't be right they're starting school.
You tell yourself a little lie,
that you'll be brave and will not cry.
But before you've reached the school front gate,
the tears have come and it's too late.
They keep on flowing and do not stop,
so you make a dash for the corner shop.
You buy the biggest naughty cake,
you need the carbs for goodness sake.
With your umpteen worries and countless fears,
you fill a bucket with your tears.
 As you shovel in a Milkyway,
you wonder how you'll fill your day.
Alarming thoughts swirl round your head,
so you grab the Chrunchie under your bed.
And then you start to wonder who
will help your little one to poo!
But then you nearly have a fit,
when you think about their P.E. kit.
Who will help them to put it on?
Heck! where have all the Mars bars gone?
Then suddenly.....a feeling of impending doom,
it will be their lunchtime soon.
The thought of that you cannot take,
so you swallow whole a chocolate flake.
By now you know not what to do,
except watch the clock until half past two.
With your head now feeling twirly swirly,
you calm your nerves with a CurlyWurly.
You drain your nineteenth coffee cup.
then try to do your trousers up.
It's time to leave, it's nearly three,
your little one will soon be free!
Your heart is pounding, blood pressure's soaring,
then you hear the words, "School's really boring!"
Your heart sinks right down to your shoes,
if you weren't so full you'd blow a fuse!
All that worry and heartache,
all that chocolate and all that cake
and all your little one can say,
is that they've had a boring day.
You feel deflated and almost cry,
oh! for a slab of apple pie.
But you can't go through that stress again,
your trousers will not take the strain.
So, tomorrow you'll be really cool,
when you take your little one to school.
But... deep down you know your heart will ache
and out will come the chocolate cake!!!

The sun shone brightly on Whippy Cove today. It shone particularly brightly on Sunnyside School, on this the very first day for the little Reception learners. As they were welcomed in, there were no tears whatsoever from the little learners and their parents and carers managed to hold back theirs until they reached the front gate. No doubt they were all heading for the corner shop and a naughty cake! The little learners however were heading towards a fun filled day making new friends and trying out new things.

After the initial settling in bit where the little learners could choose to play at the activities set up inside and out, they were called back to the carpet for the register. This is the ideal time to expose the little learners to some of the reception rules and routines in order to keep them safe within the setting. Wherever possible the little learners are encouraged to be part of the rule making process. so, when Mrs Very Jolly asked the group if they could think of something they could do in the classroom to help keep them safe,one suggestion that came back was puzzles and colouring! Eventually after much rephrasing of questions and steering of conversations (and when the little learners had run out of calm, quiet activities to suggest) they came up with some brilliant class rules. These rules will be displayed in their classroom and added to as the little learners come up with more. And they always do come up with more! More than anyone could ever imagine!!

 Another important thing to do on a little learners first day is to take them on a tour of their new school. Fortunately Sunnyside is a little school, but it's still a tremendous amount for any little learner to take in. Is it any wonder then, that after the hearing and making of rules,finding their way around school, making new friends, having snack, having lunch, trying out new activities, listening to stories and singing songs do these little learners go home exhausted. A far from boring day. And this is just the first day!
Ahh! The perfect class.

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