Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hilarious moment number 1

The Reception team at Sunnyside absolutely love the job they do. It is fun, challenging and very, very rewarding. It is also punctuated with hilariously funny moments. Here is today's hilariously funny moment.

The little learners were all playing outside in the sunshine. Mrs very Jolly and Mrs Crayon were exchanging ideas about an interactive display they want to create in order to further develop the writing area. Something in the conversation they were having made Mrs Very Jolly and Mrs Crayon laugh so much that Mrs Crayon cried real tears. Upon seeing Mrs Crayon mopping up her tears with the ends of her sleeves, a little learner appeared and handed Mrs Crayon a paper towel. As Mrs Crayon bent down to thank the little learner for his thoughtfulness, she noticed the paper towel was soaking wet. "Oh dear!" said Mrs Crayon to the concerned little learner. "Have you been crying too?"
"Oh no" said the little learner. "I wiped the bikes down with it!" His perfect reply set poor Mrs Crayon off again.

Today the grown ups took the opportunity to talk to the little learners in turn about what they hope to do in school, what their particular interests are, what their favourite toy is, their favourite food, who their friends are and so on. This is not idle chit chat. All this information will go on to help inform the planning for this half term's topic which is "All about me."
During one conversation a little learner told Miss Kind that she liked cars, train track, robots, dinosaurs and Transformers. As Miss Kind was busily writing all this information down on a post it note, the little learner suddenly disappeared off to the outside area to play. Whilst Miss Kind was in conversation with another little learner, the first little learner made a big entrance back into the classroom jumping on one leg shouting at the top of her voice. "Oh and don't forget I like to hop!" Priceless.

"Don't forget I like to hop!"

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