Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Meddling fairies and superheroes

 The team took a deep breath this morning and put on their brave trousers in readiness for changing the whole class of little learners into their P.E. kits, for their first P.E. session in the hall. Twenty five minutes later the deed was done and there was just enough time before lunch to do ten minutes P.E. As the weeks progress and as the little learners become more independent and self reliant, the time taken to change clothes reduces dramatically, allowing far more time to do some actual P.E. One thing that never seems to change though, is the amount of time the grown ups spend sorting out the muddled up uniforms.  Nobody seems to know how the little learners uniforms get from one P.E. bag into another all by themselves. How is it that shoes and socks get up unaided and walk about for a bit? Some never come back, others end up down the back of radiators, or buried deep in the Lego box. It's a complete mystery to the team. The little learners say it's the P.E. fairies who cause such havoc. The team are not convinced, although Mrs Crayon would love to see a P.E. fairy. Mrs Crayon would love to see any kind of fairy because Mrs Crayon just loves fairies. When she has time she sits at her art table at her home in Appleville and paints pictures of fairies. So, keep your eyes peeled Mrs Crayon!

Lets do shirts first, then we'll move on to trousers!

Hilarious moment number 2

During afternoon play outside, two little learners came dashing past Miss Kind at top speed. "Slow down boys!" called Miss Kind. "You're going to fall and hurt yourselves." The two little learners immediately stopped and one of them said to her. "Sorry Miss Kind, we're playing Batman and Robert!" Thinking she must of misheard the little learner, Miss Kind said. " I'm sorry, you're playing Batman and who?" "Batman and Robert." repeated the little learner. "I'm Batman and he's Robert."

This is one of Mrs Crayon's fairy paintings, scanned in three sections....

The Cider Fairies

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