Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Autumn leaves and messy sleeves

A water tray filled with Autumn leaves, mixing bowls brimming with porridge oats, pots of runny glue, tubs of sparkly glitter, clumps of fluorescent pink playdough.

Absolutely nothing unusual there. These are all very familiar items, regularly used in many Reception Classes everywhere, in order to facilitate an afternoon of creative and sensory exploration. 

The Team aren't entirely sure how it transpired that all the things listed above were available to the little learners this afternoon, but they were, and the little learners loved it.

Now..... Autumn leaves, porridge oats, runny glue, sparkly glitter and fluorescent pink playdough are just fine and Jim Dandy all the while they remain safe and sound in their respective receptacles. But.......(and it's a huge and messy but) the moment these things leave their respective receptacles (via the eager hands of hoards of little learners) it is only a matter of time before Autumn leaves come into contact with runny glue, sparkly glitter becomes an integral part of the playdough (and the runny glue), and porridge oats has spread to all four corners of the classroom and way beyond. 

Throw shiny paper, crepe paper, pipe cleaners and cotton wool into the delightful mix, and you have something that is impossible to describe, but all traces of which must be removed before the arrival of the very hardworking Miss Spic and Mrs Span at the end of the school day. 

It was all hands to the deck this afternoon, to remove every scrap of the gluey, oaty, glittery, leafy, doughy type stuff that seemed to be coating every surface, as well as every being in the setting. Everyone was so busy and engrossed in all the scrubbing, scraping, and sweeping, that they unfortunately neglected to check what might be lining the bottoms of their shoes. Consequently at hometime, little learners were heading homeward several inches taller than when they'd arrived.

Such is life......in Reception .

Upon entering our classroom...

Upon entering our classroom,
We ought to make it law,
That no one is allowed to look
Directly at our floor.

If you look down without a doubt,
A shock you will receive,
Just one glance at what's beneath your feet,
Will make you want to leave.

You'll find glitter encrusted playdough,

Pasta and runny glue,
Autumn leaves and porridge oats,
Stuck firmly to your shoe.

There'll be shiny bits of paper,
Cotton wool and cellophane,
All clinging to your trousers,
Beside that somewhat iffy stain.

As you dodge the fallen Lego,
And the discarded Lego Men,
We bet you all our glue sticks
That you won't be back again!

"Getting me coat on could be tricky!" 

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  1. The sure sign of lots of fun while learning! ;)