Saturday, 5 October 2013

Pop stars and cauliflowers

Mrs Caring put her hand in a little learner's book bag this morning.

Nothing unusual there, except that instead of finding the little learners' reading book lying within, Mrs Caring was surprised to discover a tin of ravioli. As there was no accompanying tin opener in the book bag, she quickly deduced that the ravioli wasn't the little learner's lunch, it was in fact a very kind donation for Sunnyside School's up and coming Harvest Festival celebration. 

In addition to collecting tins and packets of food for charity, the little Reception learners have joined forces with year 1 in order to learn two songs to perform at the Harvest Festival Service. They will be singing about collecting piles of the biggest and best conkers ever, as well as a chugging, clattering rather huge and shiny red combine harvester.

The little learners love the combine harvester song and it's accompanying actions. In fact they love the actions so much, they sometimes forget to sing! So, to ensure there will be plenty of big voices on the day, Mrs Very Jolly took all the Reception learners along with their year 1 friends into the hall for one last practice before the service.

After priming the little learners by expressing the importance of remembering to actually sing, Mrs Very Jolly had the little learners in the palm of her hand, ready to give the best practice performance of their lives. She dashed to the CD player, pressed the button to start the CD, the little learners in turn took a collective deep breath, opened their mouths in readiness to sing the first line of Big Red Combine Harvester......And what do you know, out of the speakers blasted Elvis Presley and Blue Suede Shoes. As the little learners immediately sprung into action and began jiggling and giggling their Elvis impressions, it was obvious to everyone that the moment was lost!!

So the moral of the story here is.........Keep yer Big Red Combine Harvester well away from yer Blue Suede Shoes .....Mrs Very Jolly!  

When we sing of Harvest

When we sing of Harvest,
We sing of conkers, pears and wheat.
And we sing that we are thankful
For all the food we eat.

When we sing of Harvest, 
We sing of cauliflowers and beans.
And we sing of blackberry crumble,
(For when we've eaten up our greens.)

When we sing of Harvest,
We sing of combines cutting corn.
And we sing of the poor farmer
Who's been up since half past dawn.

When we sing of Harvest, 
It should be Harvest songs we choose.
So what's with singing Elvis
And his precious Blue Suede Shoes?!

"Who cares why we're singing Elvis at Harvest...........I say we sing him at Christmas too!"


  1. Oh I love it love it love it! The image of the Elvis impressions that springs to mind is just priceless. Another little gem Nicola :)

    1. It could only happen to Mrs Very Jolly!

    2. It could only happen to Mrs Very Jolly!

    3. It could only happen to Mrs Very Jolly!