Monday, 24 February 2014

Ponytails and pyramids

"Do you know...?"

Now there's a phrase the Sunnyside Team hear many many times each day from the little learners in the class. And each time they hear that phrase, the grown ups will automatically grab the nearest post-it pad and pen, in readiness to note down the little gem of information that almost always follows.

The Team adore the "do you know?" moments when they pop up, because they are invariably nothing to do with anything. They are random spontaneous little learner utterances, which makes them extremely special and very amusing. 
As far as the Team is concerned, "do you know?" moments bring extra sunshine to the day, and they are yet another reason why the Team loves working alongside little learners in the Reception Year.

The following "do you know?" declarations popped up today. So let's celebrate the beginning of a brand new half term with the following "do you knows?"

Welcome back everyone! Here's to another six weeks of more fun, more learning......and some hearty chuckles along the way!

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  1. I'm glad to hear your post-it notes are being put to good use. Such little gems deserve to be immortalised in your very special way :)