Saturday, 1 February 2014

Eggheads and tired legs

It seems impossible..............but it's true! 

The little learners are steaming towards the half way mark of their time in the Reception Year at Sunnyside School. And it's around this time of the academic year, that The Team begins to really appreciate how far each little learner has progressed in their development and learning. Without exception, each little learner has become more confident and self assured. As a direct result of this, the little learners are more than happy to share their news and views with Team members, and of late, with the whole group at "carpet time". 

There are particular little learners in the class who are not just willing to share their knowledge and understanding of their world......they are bursting to do so! Given the opportunity, they will happily talk anywhere at any time about everything they know, and for a for a very long time indeed. 

Take today's whole group time for instance. The little learners were being introduced to their new phonic sound of the day which happened to be "q". Following the singing of the song that accompanies this particular sound, writing the letter in the air, and attempting to form the letter using their mini whiteboards and pens, Mrs Organised asked the group if anyone could think of a word that begins with "q".

Immediately a little hand shot into the air with it's owner straining to be chosen to speak. The moment she was chosen, the little learner rose to her feet and blurted out her answer. "Queen!" said she, looking terribly proud of herself. Before Mrs Organised could thank and praise her for her wonderful answer, the little learner went on. "Do you know......the Queen of England is called Elizabeth the first and she has a girl called Victoria and when the Queen was a little girl she went to prince and princess school and she tells everyone in the world what to do and she has a pretty garden full of flowers and she watches television and does the washing and goes sailing in boats.......then she marries kings! I can't tell you any more secrets 'cause I've got tired legs and my throat is hurting!"

Well...... you did ask Mrs Organised!!!!

I'm only four

I'm only four, but I am sure,
Of everything I know.
Although I'm small, I know it all,
I'll be an expert when I'm tall!
I know I'm short, but I'm the sort
That knows a thing or two,
I think you'll find, stored in my mind
Are tons of facts of every kind.
I'm very bright and always right,
Of this you can be sure.
I've had enough of sharing stuff,
 My throat is really sore!

"No more questions please........I've run out of secrets  !"

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