Sunday, 9 February 2014

Brown pigs

Tesco's is about to be demolished!

No....not the real Tesco, but the Sunnyside (role play) Tesco.
The time has come to change the role play area again, and the change can't come soon enough for the Reception Team! There is nothing left to buy at Sunnyside School's very own supermarket. It has all been purchased, replaced, squashed and crushed, rescued and reformed a hundred times over, and as Mrs Jolly, Mrs Very Jolly, Miss Kind, Mrs Caring, Mrs Crayon and Mrs Organised have all stripped their cupboards bare of every scrap of food packaging, it has been decided that Tesco must go! 

The story for this week is The Three Little Pigs, so with the help of the little Reception learners, the plan is to turn the role play area into, yes you've guessed it......The Three Little Pigs house. And in particular, the house that those clever and resourceful little pigs constructed from bricks.

This afternoon groups of industrious little learners worked together to create a brick wall effect using brown paint and sponges. Now, it takes a brave practitioner to oversee an activity which involves brown paint and sponges! Today that brave practitioner was Mrs Caring. Let's just say, it was just as well she was wearing a brown top today!!! 

When Mrs Crayon stepped into the breech in order to allow Mrs Caring to hose herself down, the brownness had travelled quite some distance. Brown handprints adorned tables, chairs, cupboards, and just about everything in the hand washing area. 

If there is one thing nearly all little learners love, it is the feel of something gooey all over their hands. Little learners can become so absorbed in the feel of something gooey in their hands, that they often forget about, or have little interest in producing an end product. The Team actively encourages little learners to explore materials in any way they want to (within reason), it just means the clean up operation can be on an industrial scale.

Poor Mrs Crayon....... as she desperately tried to wipe the floors and surfaces down at tidy up time, all she appeared to be doing was spreading the brown further. 

Never mind........tomorrow it will be pink paint, when the little learners attempt to paint The Three Little Pigs.

Sorry Miss Spic and Mrs Span!

Brown Paint!

We spread it here, we spread it there,
We spread our brown paint everywhere.
Our teachers glare at us and frown
When we turn the classroom brown!

We can't help getting up to tricks,
We like see how brown paint sticks,
To everything and everyone,
It makes brown painting much more fun!

We squish it in our fingers small,
Then spread it all around our school,
Our paper though remains bereft,
Because there's no more brown paint left!

But when it's three and time to go
We hear our parents gasp.... "Oh no!"
We bite our lips as they complain,
They'll have to wash our clothes again.

They throw their hands up in despair
From all the brown paint in our hair.
Yet we delight in spreading paint
And are we careful?..........No we ain't!!!!

"Hurrah for brown paint!"

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