Saturday, 12 October 2013

Clipboards and tiny teachers

When a little learner approaches you with a clipboard and asks you if you want a school dinner or a packed lunch, it can only mean one thing......teacher play is afoot!

As Sunnyside School is awash with teacher play just now, the Reception Team see this as a very encouraging sign. It suggests that the little learners are happy and settled in their new environment, as well as becoming more and more familiar with the behaviours and routines of the setting.

In all corners, there are little teachers (and their clipboards) taking the register, reading stories and telling each other what's what, in no uncertain terms!

Following the twenty fifth time of being asked what she would like for lunch today (by twenty five different little learners), Mrs Crayon decided it was time to ask a question of her own. When the very next little learner approached her demanding to know what she was having for lunch, Mrs Crayon asked the clipboard armed little learner if she knew of anything else a teacher does all day. Tucking her clipboard under her arm and replacing the lid of her pen, the little learner thought for a moment or two. "Well...."  she began, "They see if you're here..... and they tell you to line up." Attempting to press the little learner for a bit more information, Mrs Crayon asked if she'd seen her teachers doing any other things during the day.  "Yes!" said the little learner attaching a fresh piece of paper to her clipboard, "they boss the kids about!"

Enough said............................except for this!!!

What is a teacher?

What is a teacher 
And what exactly do they do?
Well...........they make you put your hand up,
Then they stand you in a queue.

They ask you if you're here,
And what you want for lunch.
You should hear them in the staff room,
They're a very noisy bunch!

They make you hang your coat up 
Securely on your peg.
They show you how to bat a ball,
And balance on one leg.

They tell you to be quiet.
But then they make you sing.
When the classroom's in a mess,
They make you tidy everything.

They teach you how to write,
And encourage you to draw.
They give cuddles and an ice pack,
When you're hurt and feeling sore.

They fiddle with your buttons,
And sort your tricky zips.
Then they make you sit for hours
With your finger on your lips!

They help you with your numbers,
And teach you how to sew.
They make you go to toilet
When you just don't wanna go!!!

Sometimes they will whisper,
But other times they'll shout!
So all a teacher ever does,
Is boss us kids about!

"You can't be a teacher unless you're bossy and you've got a clipboard!"


  1. Lots of little gems but I especially loved 'They tell you to be quiet.
    But then they make you sing...' such are the contradictory orders from the 'bossy teachers'. :)

  2. We just can't help ourselves can we Helen!

  3. Thank you so much Sam. I see that you'll understand where the little learners are coming from!