Saturday, 6 June 2015

Grumpy ducks and paint pots

Picture the scene if you will.  

It is the end of the school day. An exhausted Mrs Crayon is staring vacantly at the contents of the sink in the classroom. The sink is brimful of dirty paint brushes and paint pots. As she turns on the taps and begins to fill the sink with water, Mrs Crayon is suddenly transported back to the time when she was standing at a very similar classroom sink back in November 2012, preparing to do battle with a dozen paint brushes that were firmly welded together in a pot of hardened PVA glue. As she innocently turned the taps full on and squirted washing up liquid into the sink, a little learner appeared alongside her and told her in no uncertain terms that if she let the taps run 'the ducks wouldn't have any water.'

Unsure whether the little learner was referring to the ducks of Whippy Cove or just ducks in general, a somewhat conscience-stricken Mrs Crayon found herself heeding the little learner's solemn warning by turning off the taps and leaving the gluey paint brushes to soak in the detergent. In no way did she want to be the one responsible for draining the Whippy Cove duck pond, and leaving the poor Whippy Cove ducks high and dry! 

As her thoughts returned to dealing with the present day painty mess in the sink, Mrs Crayon felt totally inspired by all this reminiscing about ducks and decided at the next convenient moment to write a duck poem. So after washing up at home that evening (with just a minuscule amount of water in her washing up bowl) Mrs Crayon penned the following. 

Oh, spare a thought for all the ducks

 Oh, spare a thought for all the ducks 
That live near you and me,
For when you're running water
The ducks don't get any.

A duck bereft of water 
Is not a happy chap,
He'd boldly go in search of more
If he could read a map!

Oh, spare a thought for ducks near you,
And all the ducks beyond, 
For when you're running water
You're emptying their pond!

"Oh, for heaven's sake....who left the taps on?"

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