Friday, 29 May 2015

Twirly leaves and wonky trees

There's nothing quite like going off on a tangent!

It happens frequently in the Reception Class at Sunnyside School. Whilst the little Sunnyside learners enjoy participating in an exciting array of activities linked to the their various themes and topics, there is always room for going off on a tangent.

The tangent is almost always inspired either by little learner ideas, interests and fascinations, a comment they've made, or indeed (as in today's case).......the weather!

Whilst it was gloriously sunny in Whippy Cove today, it was also extremely windy. 

As the little learners prepared for lunch by way of their usual toileting and hand washing routine, a certain little learner poked his head over the toilet cubicle and announced to the patient (yet somewhat fidgety) waiting line, "Mum says when the trees wobble, that's when you can make kites!" Following this proclamation, everyone in the toilet line seemed to forget they needed the toilet and headed straight for the creative table hoping to rustle up some home-made kites before the dinner ladies were due to take them all to lunch! 

When it became obvious that it wasn't possible to make a kite in thirty seconds, The Team promised the little learners that if the trees were still wobbling after lunch they could make and create as many kites as they liked.

By the time the afternoon session began, the once wobbly trees were now almost bending double as they see-sawed back and forth in the strengthening wind. So the race was on to build a kite and start flying it before the weather had the chance to change.  Amongst the reels of sellotape, the sticks of glue, the bits of paper and yards of string, a variety of home-made kites began to emerge ready for testing!

As it turned out, it wasn't only the kites that were being tested this afternoon, it was also the little learners' resolve. Within seconds of launching their prized possessions into the air, they were instantly robbed of them, as sudden gusts of wind indiscriminately snatched kites from little fingers, sending them off into the stratosphere never to be seen again. (The kites that is, not the fingers.)

Undeterred by this unfortunate occurrence, the little learners were cobbling together their mark two versions before any tears of sorrow could be shed. However, no sooner had they stepped outside to set their kites free for a second time, they were back in yet again clutching the only piece of evidence to suggest there ever was a kite in the first place......their piece of string.

And so it went on all afternoon: make kite, launch kite, loose kite, make kite again, until every scrap of sellotape had been ripped from it's reel, and the clock in the classroom had struck three.

As Miss Kind and Mrs Crayon bade farewell to the last little learner at the end of the day, they were informed by his Mummy that it was due to be very windy for the rest of the week.

Best top up with more sellotape and string ladies!


When trees are wobbling left and right,
Its time to fly your home-made kite,
But don't forget to hold on tight, 
To your piece of string!

When leaves are swirling everywhere,
And wind makes tangles in your hair,
You won't mind you only care,
About your piece of string!

When wind is gusting all around,
And you can here a woooing sound,
Don't be sad when you have found,
You're left with just your string!

So stick things down with all your might,
Before you fly your home-made kite.
Then everything will be all right,
With your piece of string!

"Seems it's too wobbly for kites today!"

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