Saturday, 26 March 2016

Pink pigs and croissants

Now that the annual Easter makes are in full swing in the Reception Class at Sunnyside School, much whispering and wittering can be heard among the excited little learners regarding the imminent visit of a secretive long-eared furry creature, bearing chocolatey eggs aplenty, for each and every one of them. 

In preparation for this Eastertide delivery to Sunnyside School, the Reception learners wasted no time in creating Easter baskets to transport said chocolatey eggs home in at the end of the day. 

As the classroom disappeared under a mound of tissue paper, cellophane, glue sticks, and pom poms, Mrs Crayon (whilst endeavouring to find the lost end of the cellotape for the four thousandth time) worked with a small group of little learners who were busy drawing pictures and retelling the Easter Story in their special 'Golden Books'. 

Despite only hearing the story once, and watching a short animated version on the Smart TV, Mrs Crayon was astounded not only by the amount of detail in the little learners' depictions, but also the content of their brilliant verbal accounts when describing the events leading up to the Crucifixion. Whilst aspects of the Easter story appeared to merge with that of the Christmas story in places, Mrs Crayon nonetheless hastily scribed as the children spoke to produce this completely unedited version of the Easter Story courtesy of her little charges. 

The Easter Story
('s something to do with Peppa Pig!)

'Cheesus' had his last meal with the shepherds. They had beer and croissants and garlic bread. Then 'Cheesus' went to another place, it was some woods in Germany. Everyone liked 'Cheesus' except for one of the shepherds. One of the shepherds had a chicken and it went 'cockerly-dooderly-doo' four times and the army came and took 'Cheesus' away and put him in a cage under a bridge. Then someone opened the door and 'Cheesus' got out and the army made him carry the plus sign up the hill and 'Cheesus' didn't have his T-shirt on. The army put spikes on his head and screwdrivers in his feet. After three days it rained and 'Cheesus' went to prison, but before he went he said 'hello' to his friends Peter and Harry, then everyone said Amen.

Happy Easter holiday everyone!!

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