Saturday, 30 January 2016

Porky pies and pointy fingers

There are days when the Reception classroom at Sunnyside School resembles that of a busy accident and emergency department, as wave after wave of little learners come hobbling in from outside, nursing all manner of injuries and seeking some first aid attention. 

As we have seen before in previous Sunnyside stories, this first aid attention usually comprises of the now legendary dampened paper towel applied to the injured area, or should that particular remedy fail to work it's mystical magic an ice pack straight from the fridge.

Following this treatment and a few gentle words of comfort from the grown ups in the setting, most little learners are immediately cured of their aches and pains, and will miraculously leap to their tiny feet, and head for the outside once more before you can say 'Florence Nightingale'.

However, every now and again an accident may occur during the school day which will turn out to be a little more serious than the usual bumps and scrapes, and it may even involve real blood! Just like today, when a little Sunnysider stood before Miss Kind with blood trickling from one of his nostrils. 

After sitting her completely unperturbed patient on a chair and pinching the soft part of his nose for a bit, Miss Kind asked the little learner if he had done anything to make his nose bleed. 
"Um....I think I didn't," said he, stealthily sliding his bloodstained pointy finger behind his back.
"Well...I wonder what on earth could have caused your poor nose to bleed then?" queried a deeply suspicious Miss Kind.
The little learner thought for a moment, and with Miss Kind's thumb and forefinger still clasping his nose, he squeaked, "I think it's 'cause my Mum shouted at me!"

Well....there's nothing like blaming a bit of nose picking gone too far on your Mum, thought Miss Kind, as she struggled to suppress a giggle.



Watch out! watch out! 

Watch out! Watch out!
My Mum can shout,
Her voice doth travel miles.
She will indeed,
Make your nose bleed,
And shatter all yer tiles!

Your tender ears, 

Your chandeliers,
Aren't safe from my Mum's yells,
Make no mistake,
It's hard to take,
Her mighty decibels! 


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