Monday, 24 August 2015

Mops, socks and little men.

As the long summer break draws to a close, and the new academic year begins, there is just time for one final "Do you know?" courtesy of the Sunnyside cohort of 2014-2015. 

As we have learned from previous Sunnyside stories, "Do you know?" moments are special. These enchanting and spontaneous utterances are simply a piece of information that a little learner feels compelled to share. As far as the Sunnyside Team is concerned, a "Do you know?" moment brings an extra ray of sunshine to the school day, not to mention and smile and giggle.  

It was Mrs Crayon who was in receipt of this particular little gem, whilst she was on her knees, (in every sense of the word) thinning out books in the book corner on the last day of term. 

After scrutinising Mrs C's attempts to sort her dangerously listing tower of hardbacks, the little learner in question sidled up to the weary practitioner and said, "Do you know? favourite story is Snow White and the three seven wolves!" 
Convinced that her jaded ears were tricking her, Mrs Crayon was keen to push for some clarification. 
"Sorry...did you say, Snow White and the three seven wolves?" she asked, as the little learner thumbed through a stray copy of Percy Thrower's 'Practical Guide to Roses'.    
"Yes!" stated the little learner, studying Percy's tips on dealing with troublesome aphids.
"That's...the three seven wolves?" persisted Mrs Crayon, still believing her ears to be blocked.
"Yes!" reaffirmed the little learner, somewhat irritated at her teacher's apparent lack of understanding.
A bewildered Mrs Crayon was curious about the number of wolves involved in this version of the Grimm brothers' legendary fairy tale. Was it three, or was it seven? Could it be thirty seven? 
"None!" came the emphatic reply, "Not one!"

As the little learner plonked Percy and his aphids back on the listing pile, and sauntered off, doubtless in disgust that a grown up could be so woefully ignorant of her beloved storybook, a re-energized Mrs Crayon was certain there was a poem to be had out of this surprising twist of fate for the celebrated, singing domestic.  
However, with not the slightest notion of how to shoehorn wolves into a half decent rhyme, (try finding a word that rhymes with wolves) Mrs Crayon nevertheless vowed she would, (in some form or another.) 

So, with just days to spare before the Sunnyside Team welcomes the next new intake of Reception learners into the fold, Mrs Crayon would like to proffer the following.

Said Snow White to herself one day

Said Snow White to herself one day,
It's always work and never play.
I'm tired of washing socks and hats,
Of mopping floors and brushing mats.
I'm going to leave these little men,
To start my life over again.
I'm shipping out, with no regrets,
And all I'm taking are my pets.
Into the sunset we shall sail,
To start another fairy tale.
I'll fill my life with fun and laughter,
And do away with men hearafter!

".....and from now on, we shall be known as, Snow White and the Three Seven Wolves!"

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