Saturday, 18 January 2014

Warm socks......scary fox

Picture the scene if you will. 

Tesco is bustling with a plethora of firemen all doing their shopping at the same time. Tinkerbell is pirouetting around the store offering to grant wishes for each and every shopper. Snow White is filling her trolley with the store's fixtures and fittings, while Spider-man pops the cash register into his already heavily laden carrier bag. 

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, the hungry fox from the story of The Gingerbread Man, bounds into Tesco's gnashing his teeth and smacking his lips. Terrified shoppers scramble in fear towards the exit. They run out of the store trampling over their shopping as they go. As the dust settles, one brave shopper is left standing in the middle of the shop floor. She carefully repositions the large floppy hat that swamps her little head, and picks up her bulging carrier bags in both hands. Calmly and quietly she walks out of the store. As she passes Mrs Very Jolly on her way, she says to her, "I've bought chocolate for my kids and a newspaper for their dad!" 

Yes, it's just another ordinary day at Tesco supermarket................that is to say Tesco, Sunnyside School style. 

Hurrah for supermarket role play! But where oh where is a role play policeman when you need one?!

Well officer, it was like this.....

Shopping nightmare

It was a normal day at Tesco
(As far as I could tell.)
Where the store was full of fireman,
And a twirling Tinkerbell.
I was just about to purchase
A pair of woolly socks,
When I was rudely interrupted
By a not so friendly fox.
As he terrorised the customers,
I grabbed everything I had,
Which was chocolates for my children,
And a paper for their dad.
When I calmly left the building,
I felt absolutely sure,
That I'd never do my shopping 
At Tesco anymore!

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